The Emotion Code has been one of my most valuable resources and self-development tools. I discovered it late 2019, early 2020 which has been a godsend for helping me process the barrage of unconscious shit buried in the depths thats been bubbling to the surface at this time. I couldn’t imagine having to navigate such a challenging time without this resource.

The premise is that throughout our lives we have accumulated what this system refers to as "trapped emotions". I describe trapped emotions as traumatic experiences that were not processed completely, hence getting trapped or stored in our bodies as dense energy. Trapped emotions = unprocessed emotions which could also be defined as emotional trauma. These could be from significant life events or things we may even consider insignificant. It could have been as simple as being denied a certain toy you desired at the store when you were a child. It doesn’t sound like much but to an emotionally immature child, these are traumatic events that if unresolved can compound and create issues later in our life. Beyond events that have happened to us in this life, trapped emotions can also be inherited.

Science doesn’t really have an answer for the emotional aspect of our beings and I believe that a large percentage of the health issues people suffer from in our modern culture stem from this unresolved emotional trauma. It’s time we broaden our perspectives a bit from the dogmatic modern medical establishment and have a closer look at the more energetic aspects of our well-being because at a fundamental level, everything boils down to energy.

Trapped emotions can manifest as mental, emotional and/or physical symptoms and ailments. This creates unnecessary difficulties and suffering in our lives.

Dr. Bradley Nelson, the founder of The Emotion Code also coined the term “The Heart Wall". The Heart Wall is like a built-in defence mechanism to protect our heart in times of vulnerability and the premise is that during these times, the subconscious intelligence within our bodies uses trapped emotions to form a barrier around our heart. At the time this serves a useful purpose but if not dealt with in due time can create detrimental complications.


When I first discovered this concept it really struck a chord because I have suffered from many of the symptoms that a Heart Wall was said to cause. This included low energy, depression, anxiety, feelings of purposelessness and uncertainty, difficulty giving and receiving love (desensitized heart), people misinterpreting my intentions and me misinterpreting theirs (distortion of intentions), as well as physical symptoms like tension and restriction in my chest and shallow breathing.

Many may not be aware, but broken heart syndrome (stress induced or takotsubo cardiomyopathy) is an actual disorder that has resulted in serious heart complications and in some instances, even death. So we could understand why we would have a built in defence mechanism to protect us from the extreme manifestations of emotional shock.

It can be a bit of a challenge wrapping our mind around how our body would use these trapped emotions to create a barrier around our heart when it is threatened but if you consider the incredible innate intelligence of our bodies and all the functions it is responsible for, it is not that far a stretch of the imagination.

Science may not be at a place where it is able to observe and prove these mechanisms but until we reach that point I will base my opinion on the results. If it works it works and I and countless others can attest to this, The Emotion Code has improved my life in profound ways.

Sometimes I can have difficulty talking about feelings/emotions etc. and this is why I love The Emotion Code so much because there’s no requirement to express, talk through and relive these traumatic emotional experiences from our past. You basically just identify a trapped emotion by communicating to the subconscious through applied kinesiology (muscle testing), identify the trapped emotion and release it! Simple as that. You may not even know what the identified emotion was from, and sometimes you don’t need to. Intuitively, you may receive further insight into the circumstances behind a particular trapped emotion and sometimes you may feel called and it can be useful to talk about with the practitioner you're working with but there’s no obligation, it isn’t required for the release process to work. You may find it most useful to just contemplate or even journal about it on your own and discuss with a loved one once you've had more time to process and the right opportunity presents itself.

Further to the subconscious intelligence I was referring to, I would equate this with our higher self. For those not familiar with that term, it’s a spiritual concept used to represent an intelligence often beyond our conscious awareness that with proper intent we can tune into for information and guidance.

There are many different modalities for healing trauma but I was drawn to The Emotion Code because it was something I found quite easy to understand and learn. For me the big appeal has really been in it’s simplicity, ease of use and that it blurs the lines between science and spirituality.

So as we peel these layers back and release the burden of what no longer serves us then we can reembody that playful innocence of our childlike nature.