I have a fascination with other peoples stories and I have great reverence and deep gratitude for our elders and our ancestors.  This project was created with the intention to honour them.

I built the Elderbook webpage as an invitation to our elders, or their loved ones (on their behalf) to contribute their wisdom and knowledge.  This includes loved ones who have passed, as an extension of how they can be remembered.  If possible, I would encourage those sharing on behalf of others to get their consent.

This will be an ongoing compilation. I plan to share the entries through various channels to show my appreciation to the contributors for their wisdom and knowledge but more importantly, for their lives in general.

The entries could take the form of quotes, sayings, short stories, parables, favourite bible verses, personal philosophies etc. This is inclusive of all religious and spiritual backgrounds, nor are religious or spiritual beliefs a requirement to participate. Whatever emerged from the heart that could be of benefit to others. Things that they lived by, that helped mould their lives and the lives of their loved ones in a virtuous way. Things that helped through the challenging times and made the good times all the more enjoyable.

For many ancient civilizations and even a select few modern cultures, the elderly were/are placed at the centre and drawn upon for their wealth of wisdom and knowledge.

In our culture, feelings of isolation and loneliness have only been amplified during this difficult time and this is why I felt it is so important to bring greater awareness to our elders.

To give an idea of the demographic this is aimed at, I will provide a threshold age of 65.  This can be used as a barometer for your discretion.  I want this to be as inclusive as possible so this is meant as a rough guideline, not something that will be strictly enforced.

By completing the form below you are consenting to the use of the information provided.  To preserve privacy I will only be using the first letter of the last name and current age (no dates) in the posted entries.

Your contributions first go to my email for screening.  I will then be posting them HERE as soon as possible, so please check back.

I sincerely thank you for sharing your wisdom and knowledge.

I will only use age in posted entries and will not provide specific dates.
If warranted I would like to have a point of contact for further communication.