The Virus of Fear

Quit giving your power away!

Fear is the virus!

PAUSE before you REACT to those statements, let me elaborate on what I mean.

During this crisis, every time I’ve been gripped by fear or felt that I shouldn’t share my truth out of fear of judgement or offending someone it’s as though I get a contraction in my chest, this pain in the respiratory area, it’s almost like it has something to do with my heart.  It’s more of an energetic feeling but if i’m consumed by this, will it manifest as something physical? It’s not outside the realm of possibility and I don’t care to find out.

We underestimate our sovereign power as individuals over our bodies.  I’m sure you’ve heard of the placebo effect. It’s the most consistent variable across all medical drug trials.  It’s the power of belief and the mind which in many cases is more effective then the drug or treatment itself. But what happens after the trial is done?  It gets thrown away and disregarded because it can’t be packaged and sold to you, it can’t bring profits to pad the bottom line and satisfy the shareholders, it’s a phenomena that is free and resides inside all of us.  There’s also something called the nocebo and it’s the inverse of the placebo, the idea that people make themselves sick by believing something is wrong with them. I am not a science denier, I’m a firm believer in science and modern medicine within certain parameters.  And I’m not claiming all things can be healed through placebo or that all ill health ailments are a product of the mind.  

I’m saying that the veil between energy or what some people may refer to as spirit, and science is a lot thinner than what has been made apparent.  Maybe it’s worth considering that the scientific mentality has been overemphasized to have us deny our own divinity. And why would anyone want us denying our divinity?  Because we live in a world of power structures that are reinforced by us giving our power away to authorities that can either sell us stuff or act as the gatekeepers to information and knowledge we are led to believe is beyond our own personal reach.  In a sense there’s been an invisible war raging for our consciousness. 

So what if we truly started believing in ourselves, in our power as individuals to profoundly influence our own well-being and the well-being of others in a positive way?

A lot of information has surfaced in more recent times eluding to the idea that Jesus was a lot more like us then we have been taught.  His teachings were just that, they were signposts pointing to something, not intended to be dogmatic principles and associated judgements, if anything his teachings were anti judgement.  He was an ancient hippy spreading the message of Love. Not clingy human emotion type Love, Universal Love which is the radical acceptance of all. Jesus was portrayed as the sole son or child of the creator, the irony is that I believe he was attempting to reveal to us that we are all children of Heaven.  Not as an external place, but instead, a place that resides within and a quality of consciousness that emerges from that.

The way I see it is that the return of Christ is not the arrival of some external force coming to save us from our own creations but instead a state of consciousness that emerges from within where we take responsibility for the circumstances we find ourselves in.  And through the principles he lived by like Gratitude, Compassion, Forgiveness and Unconditional Love we build the New Earth that our Hearts know is possible.    We don’t need to agree on everything, Unity Consciousness doesn’t mean we have to lose our unique expressions of individuality, if anything it reinforces our uniqueness through respect and acceptance of it.  

Corona means Crown, so in a sense this “Crown” virus is a pandemic of denying our own divinity, of giving our power away to manipulations of fear.  On an energetic level the Crown chakra is the gateway into higher realms, to Universal Unity Consciousness. To me, the issue is separateness, separateness from each other and separateness from that which birthed us and sustains us.

So this embodiment of Unity or Christ Consciousness is the reclamation of our birthright as Royalty.

Unified and Sovereign in concert with the Divine Universal Intelligence that gives us Life.

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  • Agreed.
    A great message that resonated… and was executed very nicely!


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