I. Rom

1907-2008 (Age 101) – Kelowna “Daar alleen kan liefde wonen, daar alleen is ‘t lever schoonWaar men still en ongedwongen, alles voor elkander doet “ Translation:“Love can only be present. Beauty can only exist,there, where everyone does everything for each other,quietly and unconditionally”

Doug D

Age 69 – Resident of North Okanagan Loved this from the first time I encountered it and it guides me like a flashlight when I keep aware of it. Yesterday is a memory, Tomorrow is a possibility, Today lived well makes every yesterday a satisfying memory and every tomorrow a vision of hope. Stay your […]

Cecil D

Age 94 – Resident of Okanagan Valley, BC Cecil often says “Mind over matter” which I interpreted as being tough minded. I now realize that he is speaking to more than that and a better wording is “mind before matter” or “mind precedes matter” which explains to me the truth of materializing anything, first the […]