Author: BenD

Cecil D

Age 94 – Resident of Okanagan Valley, BC Cecil often says “Mind over matter” which I interpreted as being tough minded. I now realize that he is speaking to more than that and a better wording is “mind before matter” or “mind precedes matter” which explains to me the truth of materializing anything, first the […]

Yaroslaw S

Passed at Age 67 in Okanagan Valley, BC For every opportunity missed there is another one coming. Don’t focus on what is missed, watch out for what’s coming or you’ll miss it as well.

Mary S

Age 91 – Resident of North Okanagan, BC Through the many tasks of fulfilling the responsibilities to my family and to each other as neighbours, a caring community was established. Rural life in those days was challenging and we needed each other. Working together, singing together and my faith in God carried me through.