I created this website to serve as a free resource, to assist along your path of discovery.  It is an offering in sacred reciprocity, to give back for the profound gifts that this Great Mystery has and continues to bless me with.  We are all unique but my intention and my hope is that you can find even a fraction of the immense benefit that I have, exploring what lies within.

One of my strengths is digging, I’m an archaeologist of Wisdom, Truth and the finer things in life.  Knowledge is not meant to be hoarded, it is meant to be shared.

Beyond a resource, this site is a fusion of everything I am truly passionate about and fascinated by, it is an expression of my Heart and Soul, of who I AM.

You will find a broad spectrum of information contained within, from the deepest esoteric truths to the most accessible scientific practicalities.  All provided with the intention to facilitate holistic, balanced well-being and optimized potential.

This site will never not be under a state of construction, so keep checking back.  Just like aspects of me, it is part of an ongoing process of evolution/involution.

This site is a free contribution but takes a large time commitment on my behalf.  I’m happy to do this since it is something I’m passionate about but if you would like to buy me a coffee to help support, even the most modest contributions can aid me in my dream for this to become a more full time endeavour.  This will help accelerate the value I’m able to deliver.  You can donate to my Buy Me a Coffee account HERE.  Regardless of monetary contributions, I am immensely grateful for your support.

I wish you much Innerstanding along your journey of Re-membering.

Happy sleuthing,